Music is my passion. I find that everything I do applies to music in some way, even if it is unrelated, to the point where I solve problems almost musically and deal with people musically.
    I have played Guitar since i was 10 years old and have been writing music since i was 12. I studied music through to A2 at school and then went on to do a Popular Music degree at University.
    I have been influenced by every piece of music I have ever listened to, whether I liked it or not, and so when asked what kind of music I play or write I find it quite difficult to answer. I like to listen to clever music. I would like to say that I write interesting music.
    I have divided my music into four categories - Recent, Bands, Sketchbook and Early. I hope you enjoy it.



All music and content is copyright. They are free to enjoy and distribute. To use, perform or cover any written or musical work for commercial gain, please get in touch.