Current Band

Tainted Glass

In its early stages having come off the back of Lucifer's Pet Project. It is the same line up but with a new drummer. We decided to go in a different direction from the previous line up. We are experimenting with different styles at the moment but are based around a grunge and metal template.

Previous Bands

Lucifer's Pet Project

Glam Metal with offensive and controversial lyrics and themes. This band was put together for a University project and we wanted to do something memorable and risky. Listener Discretion is Advised.
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Sum Of All Fears
Lucifer's Pet Project

Blame The Drummer
Three piece Grunge band based in London. We went to school together and were forced to split up due to our University choices. The video linked below is of the song Breaking The Walls which is the song I am most proud of having written. This is the only recording of any of our songs.
Breaking The Walls



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