Early Music

    I wrote this piece when I was 17. It took a very long for me to get around to recording it and when I did I was using a PC and ProTools. It is a prog track in a DADGAD tuning. There is another two sections to this piece which leads to an 11 minute epic. I plan to rerecord this and to add the rest when I have the time to map out the click track.

    Flight of the Fairies
    This was the original instrumental on which the Remix is based. It is called Flight Of The Fairies because it reminded my Mum of Fairies or Fireflies when i first played it to her. I was approached by Dubstep artist Ramadanman to remix this but the original recording was not to a click track unfortunately.

    This was the first piece I ever wrote and recorded on Logic. I was surprised to find myself writing in a Trip Hop style because I had always written guitar music until this point. Heavily influenced by Mr Scruff and The Avalanches. I have scrawled through hours of podcasts to create a follow up to this but it is a very laborious process. I would love to write something like this again though.



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