Recent Music

    Red Lips
    This is my most recent piece. The lyrics are inspired by an episode of 'Being Human' I was watching a few months ago. Special thanks to Karl Howe, Leanne Dormody and Jason Granlund for their help in the Studio.
    Backing Vocals by Leanne Dormody
    Drums by Karl Howe

    This is the first time I have ever sung close mic before and I really enjoyed it. We recorded the vocals at about 6pm with all the lights in the studio down low which made it very relaxing to sing. This is also the first time I had ever recorded bongos. Special thanks to Jason Granlund and Ross Brereton for help in the studio and with equipmemt.

    Land of Nod
    An acoustic piece with surrealist lyrics. I love the study of dreams and wanted to write a song about it.

    Flight Of The Fairies Remix
    This is a rearrangement of a solo guitar piece i wrote when I was 15. I've always wanted to do something else with it and so this is the result. This is the first time I have used sampled drums. I also tried putting a cymbal sound through a wah pedal which sounds interesting. Thanks again to Jason Granlund and Karl Howe.



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