Sorrel Bentinck

My whole career has revolved around people and communication. When I was in my twenties I worked in sales, and I worked abroad, mostly on the continent. I also had a three year stint in TV where I wrote on-air promotional scripts for Redifusion Television.

I then married and came to live in Scotland, where my then husband and I set up an Environmental Interpretation Centre which is now Scotland's leading Field Centre. My three children were born in the Highlands.

When my marriage failed I moved to Edinburgh where I have worked for the past 20 years, mostly in sales, public relations, fund raising and marketing. I had my own small publishing company in which I employed 6 people.

For 10 years I ran my own team within a marketing business and during that time I did extensive coaching mostly around areas of Self-belief, removing blocks to moving on in life, motivation, owning and managing small companies and a certain amount of relationship coaching.

Two years ago I gained a TEFL qualification and have been teaching Home stay students on a one to one basis for the past two years.

I missed the coaching because I love seeing people become the best they can be and moving on to achieve their goals, aims and ambitions. So currently I am seeking to gain certification as a coach.

Is there anything in that brief resume of a 45 year working life that resonates with you, or that you want to ask me about?

If so, please phone or email me at: