What do I offer you?

My interest lies completely in helping you to achieve what you want, and that is going to very different for each person.

In the first session we will talk about everything that is important to you and identify the areas which you would like to change, and in which you feel you would benefit from coaching.

We will then arrange further one hour sessions, either face to face or on the telephone, at a time and place to suit you, your work and your family commitments. This is usually on a weekly or fortnightly basis and costs £50.00 per hour.

From there I offer you a supportive and totally confidential environment in which to explore these areas and where you want to go with them.

We will walk down a "Learning Path" which is forward looking and solutions orientated. There is a clearly identifiable series of steps that we all go through when learning a new skill, habit or way of thinking. Implementing these will create awareness of where you are, will challenge your assumptions about the issues that surround you and will encourage enquiry, discovery and insights.

Together we will strategise what you feel needs to happen for you to move on these objectives and we will set incremental actions in place, for you to reach your desired outcome. Each week we see what your current reality is, and work from there.

When our sessions together have been completed, your new skills, insights and learning should be fully embedded in your life.

I will continue to be very interested in your well-being, and will be delighted to continue to support you as and when you need me. .

Would you like a one hour free trial?

If so, read more about what Sorrel can offer you, then phone or email and make an appointment.