"I stopped being the employee and became the boss. With Sorrel helping me to identify what I really wanted I decided to buy the company where I had worked for 15 years."
David Regan, Print Company Owner, Edinburgh

"Sorrel became an important part of our recovery from damaging financial difficulties. Through her encouragement, positive attitude, wisdom and good council we have now achieved a degree of success which seemed impossible years ago."
Richard Cross, Property Developer, Invergordon

"Sorrel was one of our coaches working within a range of financial and marital situations, motivation and self belief. We had a very large organization in the UK and she was our main coach in Scotland, also taking many trips to England. Today, 11 years later, the beneficial effects of her coaching can still be seen."
Bill Cherry, Marketing entrepreneur, Australia

"I grew in confidence and self belief to become very successful in an extremely challenging sales environment. Sorrel's guidance, encouragement, knowledge, support and time investment were invaluable."
Kirsty Browne, Business Development Executive, Edinburgh

"Her practical suggestions for next steps, changing habits and clear thinking are instantly usable. Sorrel is empathetic and compassionate, transmitting her belief to those she works with, helping them understand their strengths and potential."
Joy Cameron, Educator, Oban

"Sorrel coaches with sensitivity and gentleness, she never pushed, only guided. She has experience in abundance, of life in general, of surviving alone as a woman in a world of business men, and of being a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a single parent."
Judy Fairbairns, Writer and Artist, Mull

"Sorrel really helped in the face of a long standing dilemma; enabling me to change my attitude to my circumstances. I found her to be both supportive and challenging. I would not hesitate to recommend Sorrel to anyone interested in making positive changes in their lives."
Hilary Russell, Occupational Therapist, London

"As a man at the end of a successful career I found retirement frustrating. Sorrel helped me re-focus, I am now fulfilled and excited about life again."
H.N., TV Advertising Producer, London

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