What is Coaching?

Coaching is a synthesis of elements from business, personal development and sports. It's like having a mentor to really believe in you and help you set big goals for yourself, a manager to break down the goals into logical steps, a personal trainer to keep you on the path, and a sports coach to give you feedback that will help improve your game.

Once we have some goals worked out, a coach becomes a bit like a manager. A manager helps you set strategies to do work, sets deadlines with you, and monitors you to see how you are getting on. Without a manager you might take three weeks to do something that could be done in one week. As your coach I'll be like that.

A coach helps you set big goals, then work out how to attack them and also keeps you "on the court" - focused on the goals, which is a bit like having a personal trainer. If you take on a personal trainer you might swim 20 laps 3 times a week. Without one you might just swim once in a while. So a trainer really keeps you in action. It's the same with a coach. Where you might normally stop or give up, I will keep you going.

Finally you might have these great goals, know how to get there in principle, be really giving it all you've got, but still not be getting the result you want. That's when a coach is also like a sports coach. A sports coach can see things to improve your game that you can't. Let's take a tennis coach, just one small correction to your grip might make a huge difference to your game. As your coach, I'll be providing you with that kind of objective input, input that can really make a difference to your performance.

So having a coach is like having your own mentor, manager, personal trainer and sports coach all rolled into one, but it is also a lot more. As a coach I am 100% committed to you achieving your goals, without my own agenda intruding. There is almost no other structure in life that gives you this benefit.

Some examples:

A coachee was frustrated that in all her life she had never expressed her creativity as fully as she had wished. Within 3 months she had created many pieces of beautiful embroidery and fabric works, encouraged others to join her and had set up an exhibition for the coming festival in her city.

A coachee complained that his business had never grown. The coach pointed out that he never devoted any time in his week to actually building his business. The result of this insight was a 4 fold increase in sales during the coaching series.

A coachee had thought about setting up a new business unit for seven years. With coaching help she had the business up and running in under 3 weeks. Having someone who believed in her made all the difference.

A coachee had been thinking about writing a book for 3 years. With a coach he wrote two chapters every week and finished the book in 3 months.

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