Being David Archer - And Other Unusual Ways of Earning a Living
My autobiography. Published by Constable on October 5th 2017, you can buy it at Amazon here, or direct from the publisher here. If you'd rather I read it to you, you can get the audiobook from Audible here.

Colin The Camper Van

A children's story about a VW camper that, after years of neglect, is found again by its old owner and turned into a computerised super-car.
And now a proper book! Published on March 25th by FBS Publishing, you can buy it at Amazon here, or to order a signed copy, buy direct from the publisher here.

Here's an extract.

Kindle version also available here .

Avant Garde A Clue

Co-written with Albert Welling. A spoof biography of the French Dada poet Paul Déaveroin, author of such classics as "À Mère y Cannes Pailles", "Paix Guy Sous" and "Sa mère au lit dit", the poems have a strange resonance when spoken out loud.....!
Now published on Kindle

Not Normal For Norfolk
My first novel - a comedy cocaine caper in sleepy Norfolk. Looking for a publisher!
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