"Avant Garde A Clue"

Co-edited with Albert Welling, this is the story of the hitherto unknown French Dada poet, Paul Déaveroin, written by the Icelandic Professor of Macaronics, Isskott Belsohn.

Déaveroin's poems, found hidden in caves underneath a French Chateau, have a strange resonance when spoken out loud.

"This is certainly the most different book I've ever read, and very funny. Reading this imaginative masterpiece has been a surreal and rewarding experience, and I'd rank it alongside William Boyd's discovery of Nat Tate." - Richard Ommanney

"My husband and I laughed until we cried trying to read these poems together. It is so clever my PHD husband did not believe that the poems have in fact two translations, as it were. Once we'd cracked one, then it became very addictive. If you enjoy accents and working things out then this is for you!" - Maribelle, Norfolk

"Pull the other one, it's got bells on!" - Moira Briggs

"I haven't read it" - Stephen Fry

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